Meeting Recovery Syndrome

Every week, employees spend about six hours in meetings, while the average manager meets for a staggering 23 hours.

The result is not only hundreds of billions of wasted dollars, but an exacerbation of what organisational psychologists call:

“meeting recovery syndrome”

This is the time we spent cooling off and regaining focus after a (useless) meeting.

When we sit through an ineffective meeting our focus is essentially being drained away, taking on average 45 mins to recover after a poor meeting.

Meetings sap stamina, productivity and employee wellbeing  if they last too long, fail to engage or turn into one-sided lectures.

So besides being a nice pub quiz fact, why is this important?

Because since going full remote due to the Corona Virus, many people are seeing an increase in communication.

From to chat, email and yes, from virtual meetings.

So as managers, team leader, HR it is important to know how well or poorly this increased communication is being conducted.

This will give you a map to better serve your team and organisations as they get used to 100% remote working and meeting.

Interested in learning how to track key markers that can trigger MRS and its adverse impact on productivity and engagement?

Sign up here for a free beta test of the tool within your organisations or to learn more.

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